Senin, 06 Mei 2013

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SPECIAL FROM QUINFLYERS Well, actually I do not think first and in no mood to make this post. But suddenly I changed my mind after seeing a reading on the compass that tells a developer from Indonesia who made millions or even hundreds of millions! Salut bener dehh ..,, apparently the Indonesia also be thinking ahead and not just "lay down" in his room. Hundreds of millions were obtained after the father Yuku Sugianto (klo not wrong: D).

He made an application for the android version, called Hi-Q MP3 Recorder that allows you to maximize the performance of the microphone. Starting from dissatisfaction with the quality of the recording on the phone Nokianya, he tried recording with WAV format which was very okay for recording. Mr. Yuku also has thought to change WAV files into mp3 format compressed manner. Apparently thinking sweet fruit, it is a paid app (priced $ 2.99 but due to the large demand for it increased to $ 3.99) have been downloaded up to 30.00 times and has produced approximately 800 - "1000" aka reach one million billion!

And because of that, too, was eager to further promote the interests of the "fighter" Indonesia in manufacturing, especially in android applications. Okay! we just start ....?!

When I was "surfing" on Google, I've found about 4 sites that provide services in the field of making an application in android. And I want to explain now is manufacture by using Andromo. You can open the address in

    After opening andromo, click the "Start Making Android Apps"
    Select New Project (oh yaa,, before you have to register first - to fend for themselves ya!)
    After that you will enter your application name selection area, it's up to you alone. Quinflyers has made one named "Quinflyers for Music" but has not been marketed in the Android Market.
    Nahh .. after this andromo provides 8-edit tab to edit your application. That is ...

     In tab 1: App Info andromo invite you to explain more details about the application you want to create. Then on the question of "Version", it's up to you it depends how many times to update the application. However, for those who are new to version 1.0 for better.
    Also you can fill out yourself, including the category, probably about games, m, etc.. And for the logo, you can make your own or find in Google (128 x 128)
    In tab 2: Activities contain any features that you want to input into your application. For example if the theme of the music, the audio player can enter. Okay, who are still confused I demonstrated deh
    After selecting one of the features (I chose the audio player), you will enter a new page that contains the feature name, icon, and can also choose the background, in particular options, and color. For those who are still confused when setting up a feature, better consultation with the "master newbie" in his comment.
    After the Save Changes button, you get the content from the page setup features. When in Audio Player, you are required to add to his track of the files on your computer, or from the URL link (you can also use the online storage service to get the file link). Do not forget to add a title and Save Changes. Then you will return to the previous page, to re-add songs, select "Add Track to Playlist" in Playlist option (bottom).
    At tab 3: Styles Actually you can add more than one feature, such as Audio Player you want to add maps, or maybe RSS, etc.. But we continued on the next step of "force". The definition is set display android example with bright colors (lightning, etc.), then the color components in the application you created earlier, can be bright or dark colors depending on your taste.
    At tab 4: Configure the Dashboard in this section is intended for setting text / text, and background image, including portrait or landscapenya option. You also need to change the color of the text to make it more lively and more obviously. These are suggestions for making the application itself requires creativity within yourself, so I did not get much help in this section.
    At tab 5: The Action Bar is intended to edit the color components in the application title.
    At tab 6: Advertisting & Analytics for ad placement in your application. If do not want no ads in the application, you need to pay certain amount of money. However, if you want a free, you have to share a room for the ads with Andromo.
    In the tab 7: Build It! Well ... now's the time to market your android app you have created. And the last is the Showcase after you posted "build" your application. The spirit!

Actually there are several sites that provide the service of making android application itself, for example iBuildApp, Buzztouch, and Mobincube. (Which still confused do not hesitate to ask Quinflyers yahh, I still SMP anyway, easy to get komprom